The Video

AHLAAD-The Kavi Sammelan

A poem, they say, is never finished. This Kavi Sammelan has staged some of the best stand-up comics and poets from across the nation. From slapstick to subtle ironic humour with tragedy in its underbelly, this show leaves everyone delightfully shaken up.

CALYPSO-The Artist Nite

After all the brainstorming, the DJ floor is the apt place for the participants to let their hair down and enjoy every bit of the rock n’ roll! Playing host to over 3000 young participants from across the country, the DJ Nite is one of the most sought after places for publicity incentives.

COROBOREE-The Celebrity Nite

With audience in excess of 5,000, with 10,000 watts of music, with names like Euphoria, Jal & Bandish, Indian Ocean, Suraj Jagan, Neeraj Shridhar, Javed Ali, Nikhil D’ Souza, Darshan Rawal the Celebrity Nite at Colosseum is the best place for you to show your presence to the world.


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